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Chauvet Professional Maverick Force S Spot

Chauvet Professional Maverick Force S Spot


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  • Compact and Lightweight: The Maverick Force S Spot is a compact and lightweight 350 W LED yoke spot fixture, weighing under 50 lbs and standing just over 2 ft tall, perfect for small to medium multi-faceted projects.
  • Advanced Color Mixing: Features variable CMY color mixing system and a 7-slot color wheel, including CTB filter, for seamless and high-quality color-mixing.
  • Dynamic Optical System: Equipped with a smart optical system that maximizes output to 14,000 lumens, and offers a wide zoom range from 3.8° to 43.4°.
  • Versatile Control Options: Offers multiple control options including DMX, WDMX, sACN, and Art-Net, plus RDM enabled for remote addressing and troubleshooting.
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The Maverick Force S Spot is an ideal solution for event organizers requiring a versatile and powerful lighting fixture. Its advanced CMY color mixing system and additional 7-slot color wheel enable the creation of a wide palette of colors, enhancing the ambiance of events like conferences, weddings, and concerts. The fixture's smart optical system not only ensures high-quality color mixing but also delivers a remarkable output of 14,000 lumens, making it suitable for various lighting needs. Additionally, its comprehensive control options, including DMX, WDMX, sACN, and Art-Net, provide flexibility and ease of use for event planners, ensuring seamless integration into any event setup.

  • Optical
    • Light Source: 1 LED (CW) 350 W, 8400 K, 50,000 hours life expectancy
    • Color Temperature (full): 6858 K
    • CRI: 68.6, CRI with CRI filter: 89.6
    • Front Lens Diameter: 119 mm
    • Beam Angle: 3.8° to 36.5°
    • Field Angle: 4.8° to 40.4°
    • Cutoff Angle: 5.1° to 43.4°
    • Zoom Range: 3.8° to 43.4°
    • Lumens - Source: 20,000, Output: 14,407
    • Illuminance: 62,004 lux @ 5 m (3.8°), 1,745 lux @ 5 m (43.1°)
    • Selectable PWM: 600 Hz, 1200 Hz, 4000 Hz, 6000 Hz, 15000 Hz