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ChamSys MQ500M Stadium Console

ChamSys MQ500M Stadium Console


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  • High-Level Show Control: Supports 256 universes directly from the console without external processors.
  • Advanced Interface: RGB illuminated, fully motorised faders and encoders with 42 playbacks and backlit keys.
  • Dual HD Touch Displays: Features two inbuilt 15" multi HD touch displays, with support for up to 8 displays via remote network.
  • Comprehensive Software: Includes MagicQ Stadium Software with inbuilt plot and visualisation, audio timeline editor, and multi emitter colour picker.
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The MagicQ MQ500M Stadium Console is designed to offer unparalleled control for event organizers and planners, featuring direct support for 256 universes without the need for external processors. Its interface is equipped with RGB illuminated, fully motorised faders and encoders, providing 42 playbacks, enhanced by backlit keys for intuitive programming. The console boasts dual inbuilt 15" multi HD touch displays, expandable to eight through remote networking, ensuring comprehensive visual management of your event's lighting. The included MagicQ Stadium Software enriches the user experience with advanced features like inbuilt plot and visualisation, an audio timeline editor, and a multi emitter colour picker, making it a versatile tool for managing complex lighting setups for conferences, weddings, parties, concerts, and corporate events.

  • Universes: 256 direct from the console (via Artnet/sACN/Pathport)
  • Direct DMX Outputs: 4
  • Motorised Playbacks: 15
  • Encoder Playbacks: 15
  • Macro/Execute/Playback Section keys: 12
  • Total Number of Playbacks: 42 (15+15+12)
  • Dual Motorised Cross Faders: Yes
  • Attribute Encoders: 8
  • Backlit Keys: Yes
  • Illuminated Playback/Encoders with RGB control: Yes
  • Intensity Wheel: 1
  • Network Ports: 4
  • Inbuilt 15" HD Multi-Touch Displays: 2
  • External Monitor Support: Up to 1920x1200 Resolution - DVI-D Port
  • USB Ports: 6, including 2 High Power USBs
  • Audio Input: 1 channel, 7 band
  • Audio Output: Yes
  • MIDI Ports: 1 in and out
  • LTC Timecode Ports: in and out
  • Remote Input: Yes
  • Inbuilt UPS: Yes, uses 12v Lead-Acid Battery
  • Front Storage Pockets: 2
  • Power Input: Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 110 to 240 VAC
  • Max Number of DMX Channels: 131,072
  • Max Number of Fixtures Supported: 131,072
  • Max Number of Cues: 5000
  • Max Number of Cue Stacks: 2000
  • Max Number of Groups: 5000
  • Max Number of Palettes: 4096
  • Number of Media Server Layers Supported: 50 (each different content)
  • Numbers of Shows: Virtually unlimited (500GB SSD)
  • Included Accessories: Dual Colour Desk lights (2), Dust cover, Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 Power Cable, Monitor arm with VESA mount, USB Keyboard, USB Mouse
  • Boxed Weights and Dimensions: Width: 960mm (37.8 inches), Depth: 690mm (27.2 inches), Height: 330mm (13 inches), Weight: 40kg (88 lb)
  • Flight Cased Weights and Dimensions: Width: 940mm (37 inches), Depth: 670mm (26.4 inches), Height: 290mm (11.4 inches), Weight (console in flightcase): 55kg (121 lb)
  • Console Weights and Dimensions: Width: 860mm (33.8 inches), Depth: 585mm (23 inches), Height: 90mm high at front (3.5 inches), 175mm high at rear (screens stored) (6.9 inches), Weight: 32kg (70.5 lb)