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Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast G2

Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast G2


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Product Highlights

  • Versatile 3-in-1 Design: Functions as a 4K production camera, 4K studio camera, and a 6K digital film camera.
  • Exceptional Low Light Performance: Offers a wide ISO range with primary native ISO at 400 and secondary high base ISO of 3200.
  • Compatible with B4 Broadcast Lenses: Features a B4 broadcast lens mount, supporting both modern Ultra HD and lower cost HD lenses.
  • Built-In Optical ND Filters: Includes high-quality neutral density filters for better control over light entering the camera.
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The Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2 is a groundbreaking camera tailored for both traditional and online broadcasters. Its unique 3-in-1 design allows it to seamlessly transition between roles as a 4K production camera, a 4K studio camera, and a 6K digital film camera, making it an ideal choice for a variety of broadcasting needs. The camera boasts exceptional low light performance, with a primary native ISO of 400 and a secondary high base ISO of 3200, ensuring superb image quality in various lighting conditions. Additionally, its compatibility with B4 broadcast lenses and built-in optical ND filters offers unparalleled flexibility and control, making it a versatile tool for broadcasters.

  • Camera Type: 3-in-1 design (4K production camera, 4K studio camera, 6K digital film camera)
  • Sensor: Advanced 6K digital film sensor
  • Lens Mount: B4 broadcast lens mount; interchangeable with PL, EF mounts
  • Dynamic Range: 13 stops
  • ISO Range: -12dB (100 ISO) to +36dB (25,600 ISO); Primary native ISO 400, Secondary high base ISO 3200
  • Recording Formats: H.265, ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422, Blackmagic RAW
  • Media Slots: Dual CFast 2.0 recorders and dual SD/UHS-II card recorders
  • External Recording: USB-C expansion port for recording to external disks
  • Design: Magnesium alloy body, externally mounted switches and controls, foldout touchscreen
  • Connections: 12G-SDI connections for video output and return program feed input, headphone connection, USB-C, balanced XLR audio with phantom power, timecode/reference input, 12 pin Hirose connector, HD-SDI monitoring output, 4-pin XLR 12V DC power output
  • Frame Rates: Up to 60 FPS in 6K, 60 FPS in 6K 2.4:1, 60 FPS in 4K
  • Built-In Features: Advanced YRGB color corrector, low light sensor, neutral density filters, LCD with touch controls, external status display, program video monitoring
  • Audio Inputs: XLR audio in with low noise and phantom power
  • Additional Features: Compatible with optional Blackmagic focus and zoom demands, supports standard television industry connections