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Blackmagic Design Studio 4K

Blackmagic Design Studio 4K


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Product Highlights

  • Advanced Design: The Blackmagic Studio Camera integrates the features of large studio cameras into a compact, portable design, suitable for live production in various environments.
  • Exceptional Low Light Performance: Offers a high ISO up to 25,600, ensuring excellent performance in dimly lit settings, even under moonlight.
  • Cinematic Image Quality: Equipped with Blackmagic generation 5 color science and up to 13 stops of dynamic range, it delivers cinematic images ideal for HD and Ultra HD production.
  • Versatile Lens Compatibility: Compatible with EF or MFT lens mounts, allowing the use of a wide range of high-quality photographic lenses.
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The Blackmagic Studio Camera is a revolutionary solution for live production, combining the functionality of traditional large studio cameras with the convenience of a compact, lightweight design. Its high ISO capabilities enable remarkable performance in low-light conditions, making it versatile for various settings, from moonlit scenes to dimly lit venues. The camera's cutting-edge color science and dynamic range produce cinematic-quality images, elevating the visual standard of live events. Additionally, its compatibility with a broad spectrum of photographic lenses ensures flexibility and high image quality, catering to diverse production needs.

  • Camera Design
    • Lightweight carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate body
    • Integrated 7" viewfinder
    • Touchscreen for camera settings
    • Knobs for brightness, contrast, and focus peaking
    • Tripod mount with mounting plate
  • Image Sensor and Performance
    • ISO range: -12dB (100 ISO) to +36dB (25,600 ISO)
    • Primary native ISO: 400
    • Secondary high base ISO: 3200
    • 13 stops of dynamic range
    • 4K models resolution: 3840 x 2160
    • 6K model resolution: 6144 x 3456
    • Frame rates: 23.98 to 60 fps
  • Lens Mounts
    • EF or MFT lens mounts
    • Active lens mount for remote adjustment
    • Optional focus and zoom demands for lens control
  • Display and Controls
    • 7" high resolution screen
    • HDR display on Pro models
    • On-screen overlays for status and record parameters
    • Physical buttons and knobs for adjustments
    • 3 function buttons with assignable functions
  • Connectivity and Communication
    • HDMI and 12G-SDI outputs
    • 10G Ethernet on Pro models
    • 12G-SDI and Ethernet for talkback and control
    • USB-C ports for recording to disks or focus and zoom demands
    • XLR audio inputs with phantom power
    • Built-in tally light with clip-on transparent camera numbers
  • Power Options
    • 12V DC power adapter
    • Broadcast power supply or battery
  • Additional Features
    • Blackmagic RAW recording to USB disks
    • Live streaming capabilities
    • Built-in color corrector
    • Compatible with ATEM Mini and ATEM SDI switchers