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Blackmagic Design ATEM 2M/E Advanced Panel

Blackmagic Design ATEM 2M/E Advanced Panel


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Product Highlights

  • Professional Control: Offers a broadcast-style workflow with physical buttons, knobs, and a T-bar fader for comprehensive control.
  • Multiple Models: Available in several models, including ATEM 1 M/E, 2 M/E, and 4 M/E Advanced Panels, catering to different production needs.
  • Transition Variety: Supports a wide range of transitions like mix, dip, wipe, and DVE, with dedicated hardware buttons for each type.
  • Advanced Features: Includes features like preview transition, fade to black, and precise DVE control with a built-in joystick.
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The ATEM Constellation Advanced Panel is designed for professional broadcast workflows, providing physical control interfaces that are faster and more intuitive than software panels. It comes in various models, each offering a different number of input buttons and system control LCDs, tailored to the scale of your production.

The panel excels in transition control, offering a variety of styles including mix, dip, wipe, and DVE, all accessible through dedicated hardware buttons.

This advanced control panel enhances live production efficiency, allowing for quick source switching, precise transition execution, and seamless multi-layer compositing effects.

  • Model Variants:
    • ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel 10: Single M/E row, 10 input buttons, 1 system control LCD.
    • Advanced Panel 20: Larger 1 M/E, 20 input buttons, 2 system control LCDs.
    • Advanced Panel 30: Large 1 M/E, 30 input buttons, 3 system control LCDs.
    • ATEM 2 M/E: 2 M/E rows, 20 input buttons each, 2 independent system control LCDs.
    • Professional 2 M/E: 30 input buttons per row, 2 independent system control LCDs.
    • Advanced Panel 40: 2 M/E, 40 input buttons per row, 2 independent system control LCDs.
    • ATEM 4 M/E Advanced Panel 40: 4 M/E rows, 40 input buttons per row, 4 system control LCDs.
  • Transition Control: Dedicated hardware button for each transition type, multiple transition styles including mix, dip, wipe, DVE.
  • DVE Transitions: Joystick for precise DVE control, customizable picture-in-picture effects, pre-programmed push and squeeze transitions.
  • Keyer Control: System control knobs for chroma keying, live adjustment of key settings.
  • Fader Bar: Ergonomically designed T-bar for manual transition blending.
  • Auto Transition: Programmable for durations from 1 to 250 frames, ensures consistent transitions.
  • Preview Transition: Dedicated button for simulating transitions/effects before going live.
  • Fade to Black (FTB): Controls entire output, includes button guards to prevent accidental triggering.
  • Joystick: 3-Axis control for wipe patterns and DVE positioning.
  • System Control: Direct access keypad, soft knobs and buttons on system control LCDs for switcher settings.
  • Select Bus: Dedicated for routing video into processing and selecting sources to aux outputs.
  • Media Players: Control for managing built-in graphics and titles.