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Behringer X32 COMPACT

Behringer X32 COMPACT


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  • Compact 40-Input, 25-Bus Digital Mixing Console
  • Equipped with 16 Programmable Midas Preamps
  • Features 17 Motorized Faders and Channel LCD's
  • Offers 32-Channel Audio Interface and iPad/iPhone Remote Control
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The X32 COMPACT revolutionizes the field with its onboard X32 mix engine, providing unparalleled flexibility for studio recordings, live performances, and theater productions. Its integration of 16 Midas-designed mic preamps and dual AES50 ports supports up to six S16 digital stage boxes, ensuring extensive I/O connectivity. The mixer's 800 x 480 graphic UI, along with networked remote control capabilities via various applications, offers comprehensive control over every mix parameter, enhancing creative possibilities and performance efficiency.

  • Mixing Capacity: 40 inputs, 25 buses, up to 152 signal sources
  • Preamps: 16 programmable Midas-designed mic preamps
  • Faders: 17 motorized faders
  • Display: Channel LCDs, 800 x 480 graphic UI for direct control
  • Remote Control: iPad/iPhone remote control, compatible with X32-EDIT (PC/Mac/Linux), X32-MIX (iPad), X32-Q (iPhone/iPod touch), and X32-Q (Android)
  • I/O Connectivity: Dual AES50 ports, supports up to six S16 digital stage boxes
  • Routing Options: Ultra-flexible routing options
  • FX Engines: 8 powerful stereo FX engines
  • Networking Technology: Klark Teknik’s ultra-low latency SuperMAC networking technology
  • Audio Interface: 32-channel audio interface
  • Applications: Multiple instances of remote control apps can be run simultaneously
  • Design Collaboration: Engineered with the expertise of Midas, Klark Teknik, and Behringer