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Behringer WING

Behringer WING


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Product Highlights

  • 48-Channel, 28-Bus Full Stereo Digital Mixing Console
  • 24-Fader Control Surface with 10" Touch Screen
  • Large capacitive touchscreen interface with touch-sensitive rotary controls
  • Customizable fader sections for personalized workflow
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The WING control surface revolutionizes mixing with its large capacitive touchscreen and touch-sensitive rotary controls, offering unprecedented ease of use.

Its flexible fader sections can be customized to fit any mixing requirements, ensuring a highly personalized mixing experience.

Designed for both live and studio applications, WING focuses on the source of the sound, allowing for intuitive and detailed control over every aspect of the audio production.

  • Input Channels: 48 mono/stereo
  • Bus Mixes: 28 mono/stereo, including mid-side processing
  • Control Surface: 24 faders, 10" capacitive touchscreen
  • Connectivity: Multiple inputs and outputs for versatile connectivity
  • Audio Quality: High-resolution audio processing for pristine sound quality
  • Customization: Extensive customization options for faders, controls, and interface