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Behringer SD8

Behringer SD8


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Product Highlights

  • I/O Stage Box with 8 remote-controllable Midas preamps and 8 outputs.
  • Features AES50 networking and ULTRANET personal monitoring hub.
  • Compact design with rugged protective bumpers for easy stage placement.
  • Single CAT5e cable connection per stage box for simplicity and efficiency.
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The SD8 Stage Box revolutionizes live-entertainment production by seamlessly connecting onstage talent with the Front of House (FOH) console and beyond. It boasts 8 Midas-designed mic preamps and 8 balanced analog XLR returns, enhancing audio quality and simplifying setup with its compact, rugged design. The integrated 2-port ULTRANET distribution hub eliminates the need for additional hardware, connecting directly to P16-M personal monitor mixers via shielded CAT5e cabling. This stage box is not only a testament to Midas's legendary sound quality but also to the convenience and efficiency it brings to live sound engineering.

  • Preamps: 8 Midas-designed remote-controllable mic preamps
  • Outputs: 8 balanced analog XLR returns
  • Networking: AES50 with up to 48 XLR inputs/outputs when 6 SD8 boxes are cascaded
  • ULTRANET Hub: Integrated 2-port distribution hub for direct connection to P16-M personal monitor mixers
  • Connectivity: Single shielded CAT5e cable per stage box, USB port for PC updates
  • Compatibility: Two programmable inputs compatible with Hi-Z sources, no DI box required
  • Design: Compact with rugged protective bumpers for stage use
  • Additional Features: +48 V phantom power, destination routing, remotely controllable preamps