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Behringer P16-M

Behringer P16-M


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Product Highlights

  • 16-Channel Digital Personal Mixer for live and studio use.
  • Easy setup and expandable system to meet changing needs.
  • Simple user interface for non-techies to dial in the perfect mix.
  • ULTRANET technology for seamless integration with other digital devices.
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The POWERPLAY P16 system offers an affordable way to give musicians and vocalists control over their monitor mixes, enhancing live performances and studio sessions. With fast and easy setup, a basic system can be configured in minutes, making it ideal for event organizers and planners. The system's simplicity ensures that even those without technical expertise can achieve the perfect mix, storing presets for instant recall. ULTRANET technology revolutionizes audio production by providing seamless integration with digital devices, ensuring high-quality sound free from interference.

  • 16 input channels with individual Volume, Pan, EQ (Bass, Mid with sweepable Freq control, and Treble) adjustments.
  • 16 presets for storing and recalling mixes.
  • ULTRANET technology for seamless digital integration.
  • 24-bit digital audio transmission over a single CAT5 cable.
  • RFI-free audio signals and eliminated signal crosstalk.
  • Easy setup and significant time savings during installation.