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AV Stumpfl 16 FT (16' x 9') Projection Surface Package

AV Stumpfl 16 FT (16' x 9') Projection Surface Package


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Product Highlights

  • Versatile Projection Surfaces: Front, rear, dual, 3D, high gain, and seamless options available.
  • Patented QuickClip Technology: Ensures easy, stress-free attachment and automatic tension distribution.
  • High-Quality Material: Features anti-reflective, rubber-coated cover caps and hooks made of glass-fibre reinforced material.
  • Innovative Welding Technique: Allows for ultra-large surfaces with invisible seams, perfect for special projection setups.

Product Highlights

  • Versatile Projection Surfaces: Designed for front, rear, and dual projection setups, ensuring a perfect match for any event requirement.
  • Invisible Snaps: Features virtually invisible snaps for a seamless and perfect mat appearance, enhancing the visual experience.
  • Proprietary Materials: Utilizes top-quality, specially developed materials that meet global standards for the critical rental & staging industry.
  • Innovative Technology: Equipped with unique PVC welding technology and the option for invisible seams with SeamlessOptic technique for ultra-large surfaces.
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The MonoClip mobile projection screen by AV Stumpfl offers a revolutionary approach to visual presentations with its patented QuickClip technology, ensuring simple attachment and perfect tension distribution across various surface types. Designed to meet the rigorous standards of the rental & staging industry, these screens boast a range of surfaces including front, rear, dual, 3D, and high gain options, all made from proprietary materials that guarantee seamless and high-quality projections. The innovative welding technique employed allows for the creation of ultra-large screens with invisible seams, making it an ideal choice for events requiring close viewing or special projection setups.

The AV Stumpfl Monoblox projection screen surfaces are crafted with precision, catering to the diverse needs of event organizers and planners. With a focus on versatility, these screens support front, rear, and dual projection setups, making them ideal for conferences, weddings, parties, concerts, and corporate events.

The use of proprietary materials and an innovative PVC welding process ensures the screens are of the highest quality, meeting the stringent requirements of the rental & staging industry.

Additionally, the screens feature a unique design with virtually invisible snaps, allowing for a seamless and perfectly mat appearance that enhances the projected image.

  • Surface Types: Front, Rear, Dual, 3D, High Gain, Seamless
  • QuickClip Features:
    • Simple and stress-free attachment
    • Easiest take-off
    • Automatic tension distribution
    • Hook made of glassfibre reinforced material
    • Integrated spring element to prevent unintended hooking
    • Anti-reflective rubber coated cover caps
  • Projection Setups:
    • Front Projection: 100% light proof, perfect mat for homogenous image
    • Rear Projection: Special material requirements to prevent hotspot behavior
    • Dual Projection: Suitable for both front and rear projection with some trade-offs in gain, luminance, and contrast
    • Special Requirements: Options for black surface when inactive, high gain needs, or stereoscopic projections
  • Welding Technique: Specialized for creating ultra-large surfaces with invisible seams, enhanced by SeamlessOptic technique for close viewing or special setups
  • Border Material: Default matt black vinyl, with an option for mat white border material for special applications
  • Surface Types: Front, Rear, Dual, 3D, High Gain, Seamless.
  • Material Quality: Especially developed top-quality materials, processed with care for the rental & staging industry.
  • Technology: Standard Press Snap technology for proven reliability; Invisnap for invisible, reinforced edges.
  • Projection Setup Compatibility:
    • Front Projection: Requires perfect mat surface for homogenous image and 100% light proofing to prevent distractions and maximize light output reflection.
    • Rear Projection: Special material requirements to prevent Hotspot behavior and ensure a homogenous image across all color ranges.
    • Dual Projection: Suitable for setups needing both front and rear projection, trading off some gain, luminance, and contrast for versatility.
  • SeamlessOptic Technique: For ultra-large surfaces, parts are welded with a special technique; seams can be flattened for special setups and close viewing requirements.
  • Border Options: Default matt black vinyl border; optional mat white border material available for special applications.
  • Additional Features: Customizable for specific requirements like black surface when not projecting, high gain needs, or stereoscopic projections.