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Audix Boom Choir mic MB8450

Audix Boom Choir mic MB8450


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Product Highlights

  • Versatile and Lightweight: The MicroBoom System offers a range of lengths (24”, 50”, 84”) with a carbon fiber rod, ensuring easy integration into various settings.
  • Compatible with The Micros® Series: Can be used with any microphone in The Micros® series, offering a variety of pick-up patterns, output levels, and frequency responses.
  • High-Quality Internal Cable: Features a high-quality shielded cable for the cleanest audio signal path from the microphone to the boom's base.
  • Flexible and Elegant Design: Includes a flexible steel gooseneck and stand adapter for precise positioning, coupled with a professional and sleek appearance.
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The MicroBoom System is a highly adaptable and professional solution for challenging miking applications, including choir, live theater, and orchestra. Its compatibility with The Micros® series microphones allows for a broad selection of audio capture options, catering to different acoustic environments. The system's internal high-quality shielded cable ensures pristine audio transmission, eliminating interference and maintaining sound integrity. The flexible steel gooseneck and stand adapter provide complete control over positioning, making it ideal for precise audio capture in various event settings.

  • Rod Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Gooseneck: Flexible Steel
  • Length Options:
    • MicroBoom 24: 609 mm / 24 in
    • MicroBoom 50: 1270 mm / 50 in
    • MicroBoom 84: 2134 mm / 84 in
  • Diameter: 7.4 mm / .2 in
  • Connections: mini-XLRm (bottom), mini-XLRf (top)
  • Weight:
    • MicroBoom 24: 45 g / 1.6 oz
    • MicroBoom 50: 78 g / 2.5 oz
    • MicroBoom 84: 111 g / 4 oz
  • Finish: Black Finish / White Finish
  • Included Components:
    • Carbon Fiber Boom (24”, 50” or 84”)
    • Microphone (M1250B, M1250BHC, M1255B, or M1255BHC)
    • Clutch Assembly
    • CBLM25: 25’ XLRm to mini XLRf Shielded Cable
    • WS1218 External Windscreen