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Astera Titan Tube Kit (8 pack)

Astera Titan Tube Kit (8 pack)

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  • The Titan Tube Kit includes 8 Titan Tubes, offering powerful lighting solutions with all essential accessories for comprehensive event lighting needs.
  • Comes in a durable protective plastic case with wheels and handles for easy transportation and storage.
  • Features a PowerBox for in-case charging to prepare the lights quickly for their next use.
  • Supports extended installations with the PowerBox, which can be removed to supply power and data via Titan Power/Data Combination cables (optional).
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The Titan Tube Kit by Astera is designed to meet the dynamic needs of event organizers and planners, featuring 8 Titan Tubes and a suite of essential accessories for versatile lighting setups.

Encased in a robust, protective plastic case with wheels and handles, this kit ensures the safety and portability of your lighting equipment, making it ideal for a variety of events including conferences, weddings, and concerts.

The inclusion of a PowerBox enhances the kit's convenience, enabling on-the-go charging within the case and facilitating longer installations with optional power and data cables, thus ensuring your event lighting is both impactful and reliable.

  • 8x FP1 Titan Tube (FP1)
  • 1x PowerBox (FP1-PWB)
  • 16x EyeBolts (FP1-EBLT)
  • 16x Holder (AX1-H)
  • 16x Babypin (AX1-BLT)
  • 8x Stand (AX1-STD)
  • 1x Charging case for Titan Tube
  • 1x PowerCON TRUE1 cable
  • 8x DC cables
  • 8x Waterproof covers for charging port (FP1/2-SP)

Can Hold in addition (Not Included):

  • 8x WingPlate (AX1-WP)