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Astera Titan Tube

Astera Titan Tube


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Product Highlights

  • Ultimate LED Tube: Designed for filmmakers, studios, and event technicians.
  • Versatile Lighting: Offers powerful, tunable whites and colored light, applicable to individual pixels or the entire tube.
  • Flexible Usage: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, AC-powered or battery-operated.
  • Advanced Control: Features wireless DMX and can be controlled via the AsteraApp.
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The Titan Tube by Astera is a cutting-edge LED tube specifically engineered for use in film, studio, stage, and event settings. It excels in emitting both tunable whites with ultra-high color rendering and vibrant colored light, which can be adjusted across individual pixels or the entire tube for creative flexibility. Designed for versatile application, the Titan Tube is equally effective indoors or outdoors, with options for AC power or battery operation. Additionally, it offers the convenience of wireless DMX control and is easily manageable through the AsteraApp, making it a top choice for creative professionals.

  • Dimensions:
    • Ø42 mm x 550 mm | Ø1.6” x H21.7”
    • Ø42 mm x 1035 mm | Ø1.6” x H40.7”
    • Ø42 mm x 2031 mm | Ø1.6” x 79.9”
  • LED Engine: Titan LED Engine (RGBMintAmber)
  • Total LED Power: 36 W, 72 W, 144 W
  • LED Power Draw: 24 W, 48 W, 96 W
  • Light Output: 1340 lm, 2900 lm, 5800 lm
  • Pixel: 8, 16, 32
  • CRI (Ra)/TLCI 3200-6500k: ≥96
  • CRMX Receiver: Built-in
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Mounting Accessories: TubeStand, TubeHolder, EyeBolt, WingPlate, CrossPlate
  • Control Options: App Control, Built-in control panel, Wireless DMX (CRMX and W-DMX)
  • Built-in Battery: Offers "seamless runtime" technology for specific time duration
  • PowerBox Options: Titan PowerBox, PowerBox 2x86W
  • Cable Options: Titan Power/Data Combination Cable (available in various lengths), DataLink, Extension Cable
  • Individual Power Supply: AC to DC power converter with adapters for EU, US, UK; accepts 110-240VDC, 1m cable length, 24VDC, 2A output.
  • Additional Features: Seamless Runtime, Effects, Talkback+, Anti-Theft, Emergency Light