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Astera PlutoFresnel Kit (2 pack)

Astera PlutoFresnel Kit (2 pack)

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Product Highlights

  • Kit includes 2 PlutoFresnels with essential accessories
  • Equipped with Lens, Barndoor, Yoke, YokeBase, and TVMP Adapter
  • Features built-in battery, wireless DMX, and app control
  • Stored in a durable protective case with wheels and handle for easy transport
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The PLUTOFRESNEL KIT is designed for event organizers and planners, offering a comprehensive solution for audiovisual needs. This kit includes 2 high-quality PlutoFresnels, ensuring vibrant and consistent lighting for events ranging from conferences to concerts.

Each component, including lenses, barndoors, and power supplies, is crafted for optimal performance and durability. The inclusion of a protective case with wheels enhances portability, making it ideal for events of any scale.

With features like built-in battery, wireless DMX, and app control, the PLUTOFRESNEL KIT provides unmatched convenience and flexibility, allowing for seamless integration into any event setup.

  • Battery-powered RGBMA Fresnel, equivalent to 300W Tungsten
  • Wireless DMX module by LumenRadio for remote control
  • IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring durability in various conditions
  • Built-in battery with up to 20 hours of runtime
  • App control for intuitive and fast lighting setup adjustments