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Astera PixelBrick Kit (8 pack)

Astera PixelBrick Kit (8 pack)

SKU 7529

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  • Versatile Lighting Solution: Ideal for event organizers and planners, offering customizable lighting options for any event size and type.
  • Advanced Connectivity: Features state-of-the-art wireless control for seamless integration into any audiovisual setup.
  • Extended Battery Life: Ensures uninterrupted performance throughout long events, from conferences to concerts.
  • Robust and Portable Design: Engineered for easy transport and setup, making it perfect for events at various locations.
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The PixelBrick offers a revolutionary approach to event lighting, combining unparalleled flexibility with ease of use. Its wireless connectivity and extended battery life make it a reliable choice for event organizers looking to create memorable experiences. The robust, portable design ensures that this lighting solution can be easily transported and set up at any venue, from intimate weddings to large corporate events. With its advanced features, the PixelBrick is designed to meet the dynamic needs of today's event industry, ensuring that every event shines.

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