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Astera PixelBrick

Astera PixelBrick


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  • Versatile Lighting Solution: The PixelBrick Kit offers a multi-purpose uplight capable of building shapes, perfect for dynamic lighting setups.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes 8 PixelBricks with essential accessories, ensuring a complete setup for various event needs.
  • Ready for Action: Comes with a PowerBox for charging within a durable case, making it easy to transport and prepare for events.
  • Expandable: The PowerBox can also supply power and data for longer installations via optional Power/Data Combination cables.
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The PixelBrick Kit by Astera is designed to meet the versatile needs of event organizers and planners, offering a comprehensive lighting solution that is both portable and powerful. This kit includes 8 PixelBricks, a PowerBox for charging and power supply, and essential accessories like BeamSofteners and FloodFilters, all stored in a protective case with wheels for easy transportation. The ability to charge the lights in the case ensures they are always ready for your next event, while the option to use the PowerBox externally for longer installations adds flexibility to your setups. With the included accessories, the PixelBrick can be adapted to a wide range of lighting needs, making it an ideal choice for conferences, weddings, parties, concerts, and corporate events.

  • PixelBricks Included: 8x PB15 PixelBrick (PB15)
  • Power Supply: 1x PowerBox (PWB-2-86)
  • Connectivity Accessories: 8x BrickConnect (PB15-BCN)
  • Lighting Modifiers:
    • 8x 17° BeamSoftener (PB15-BSO)
    • 8x 30° FloodFilter (PB15-FF)
  • Charging and Storage: 1x PixelBrick Charging Case (PB15-CHRCSE) with wheels and retractable handle
  • Power Connectivity: 1x PowerCON TRUE1 cable
  • Protection: 18x Waterproof covers for charging ports (PB15-PLG)