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Astera NYX Bulb Kit (8 pack)

Astera NYX Bulb Kit (8 pack)

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  • The NYX Bulb Kit includes a set of 8 versatile NYX Bulbs, designed for filmmakers and event professionals, ensuring high-quality lighting for any scene or event.
  • Each kit comes with essential accessories, including USB cables and CupBouncers, all stored in a durable protective plastic case for easy transportation and storage.
  • Features a PowerStation with a 48V PSU, enabling power and programming of one NYX Bulb at a time for precise control over lighting effects.
  • The kit is designed for quick setup, whether for mounting in a socket or programming with the AsteraApp on the ground before shooting, streamlining the preparation process.
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The NYX Bulb Kit by Astera is an essential tool for event organizers and planners, offering a comprehensive solution for advanced lighting needs. With 8 NYX Bulbs included, the kit provides versatile lighting options that can be tailored to fit the ambiance of conferences, weddings, parties, concerts, and corporate events.

The inclusion of a PowerStation with a 48V PSU, USB cables, and CupBouncers in a durable case ensures that users have all they need for efficient setup and operation.

This kit not only simplifies the preparation process with its easy setup but also enhances the quality of lighting with its advanced features, making it a valuable asset for creating the perfect event atmosphere.

  • 8x NYX Bulb (FP5)
  • 8x USB-Cable (FP5-USBC)
  • 8x CupBouncer (FP5-CB)
  • 1x PowerStation (FP5-PS)
  • 1 x 48VDC PSU
  • 1 x NYX Bulb Case (FP5-CSE)
  • 8x Waterproof cover for DC port (FP5-SP)

Designed for quick and efficient setup, suitable for both mounting in sockets and ground programming with the AsteraApp before shooting.

The kit facilitates easy pre-preparation of NYX Bulbs before leaving the warehouse, enhancing workflow efficiency for event setups.