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8 Channel XLR Drop Snakes

8 Channel XLR Drop Snakes


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Product Highlights

  • 8-channel configuration for efficient multi-microphone setups.
  • 25-foot length provides ample reach for stage and studio applications.
  • Features XLR connectors on both the box and fan for reliable connectivity.
  • Class 2 fire rated, suitable for both portable and installation use.
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The  8-channel 25' XLR Drop Snake is designed for professional audio applications, offering pro-level performance and reliability. Ideal for houses of worship, touring bands, or any setting requiring a durable and dependable stage snake, this product ensures signal quality is maintained. With XLR connectors on both ends and a Class 2 fire rating, it's versatile for both portable and permanent installations.

  • Channels: 8
  • Length: 25'
  • Connector 1: XLR Female
  • Connector 2: XLR Male
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SMAST0800FBM-25