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32" Confidence Monitor Wedge

32" Confidence Monitor Wedge


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  • Custom-Built for 32" Screens: Specifically designed to accommodate a 32" screen, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal protection.
  • Quality Construction: Made from high-quality 18mm black plywood, offering durability and reliability for event use.
  • Convenient Design Features: Includes side handles for easy transportation, access hatches for cable management, and a hole in the baseboard for cable passage.
  • Accessibility and Customization: Features cut-outs for connection ports and the option for personalized screen printing logos and text.
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The Stage Confidence Monitor Wedge is an essential tool for event organizers, tailored specifically for 32" screens. Constructed from robust 18mm black plywood, it guarantees durability and stability in various event settings.

Its thoughtful design includes side handles for effortless mobility, ensuring the monitor can be positioned with ease at events.

The unit is engineered with practicality in mind, featuring a hole in the internal baseboard for seamless cable management, access hatches at the back for easy cable connection, and cut-outs on the mounting board to maintain access to connection ports. Additionally, it offers the option for customization with screen-printed logos and text, enhancing brand visibility at events.

  • Screen Compatibility: Suitable for 32" screens.
  • Material: Manufactured from 18mm black plywood (other colors available upon request).
  • Handling: Equipped with handles on the side for easy lifting and movement.
  • Cable Management:
    • Hole in the internal baseboard for cable passage.
    • 2 x Access hatches at the back for cable connections.
  • Connection Port Accessibility: Mounting board with cut-outs for accessible connection ports.
  • Power Socket: 1 x IEC socket on the back of the unit.
  • Customization Options: Screen printed logos & text available upon request (at extra cost).