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3.9 mm indoor-outdoor- half triangular panel (MG15)

3.9 mm indoor-outdoor- half triangular panel (MG15)

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  • Innovative LED Technology: Utilizes Ultravision's patented LED technology for maximum visual impact, delivering detailed and vibrant displays.
  • Modular Design: Offers flexible configuration options to fit any environment, ensuring easy installation in various shapes and designs.
  • UltraBlack Technology: Features a proprietary black base with low reflection, providing high contrast and exceptional detail in displayed content.
  • Hot Swappable Panels: Designed for quick and easy maintenance, allowing panels to be swapped in less than 60 seconds from either the front or the rear.
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The 13.1' x 8.2' Carbon 3.9mm Indoor/Outdoor LED Video Wall from Ultravision is a cutting-edge solution for dynamic visual displays. Its Carbon Fiber/Magnesium Alloy structure combines lightweight design with remarkable durability, making it ideal for both permanent installations and rental applications. The all-in-one control unit simplifies maintenance by housing power, receiver card, and hub card in one place. The video wall's modular capabilities and UltraBlack technology ensure that it can be tailored to any setting, delivering high contrast and detailed images that are sure to captivate any audience.

  • Structure: Carbon Fiber/Magnesium Alloy, ensuring lightweight yet durable construction.
  • Configuration: Modular system with magnet-assisted assembly, suitable for standing or hanging setups.
  • Control Unit: All-in-one unit containing power, receiver card, and hub card.
  • Display Technology: Patented LED technology by Ultravision.
  • Panel Swap: Less than 60-second swap time for panels, from front or rear.
  • Panel Types:
    • Outdoor Pro: Weatherproof, ideal for scoreboards and billboards.
    • Indoor Ultra: Offers incredible contrast and colors, lightweight and fanless.
    • Flex: Versatile for indoor and outdoor use, easy to assemble and disassemble.
    • Indoor TrueVision: Best-in-class with low pixel pitch, perfect for conference rooms and home cinemas.
  • Applications: Suitable for various environments including sporting venues, business needs, and entertainment settings.