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Astera Helios Tube

Astera Helios Tube


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Product Highlights

  • Ultra-Portable LED Tube: The Helios Tube is a compact and flexible lighting solution, ideal for various event setups.
  • Advanced Lighting Features: Offers RGBMA, 8 pixels, and a built-in CRMX receiver, ensuring vibrant and customizable lighting.
  • Wireless Control and DMX Compatibility: Equipped with wireless DMX and app control for easy and efficient operation.
  • Robust and Versatile Design: IP65 rated for outdoor use, with a range of mounting accessories for diverse event requirements.
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The Helios Tube by Astera is a shorter, more portable version of the popular Titan Tube, designed to fit into smaller spaces and enhance portability. This LED lighting tube features 8 pixels and RGBMA, delivering half the brightness of the Titan Tube while perfectly matching its colors and brightness. Its built-in CRMX receiver and compatibility with wireless DMX and the AsteraApp provide flexible and intuitive control options. Additionally, the Helios Tube's IP65 rating ensures durability for both indoor and outdoor event setups, making it a versatile choice for event organizers and planners.

  • Dimensions: Ø42 mm x 550 mm | Ø1.6” x H21.7”
  • LED Engine: Titan LED Engine (RGBMintAmber)
  • Total LED Power: 36 W
  • LED Power Draw: 24 W
  • Light Output: 1340 lm
  • Pixel: 8
  • CRI(Ra)/TLCI 3200-6500k: ≥96
  • CRMX Receiver: Built-in
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Mounting Accessories: TubeStand, TubeHolder, EyeBolt, WingPlate, CrossPlate, Helios Handle
  • Control Options: App Control, Built-in Battery, Titan PowerBox, DataLink, Individual Power Supply, Extension Cable
  • Available Configurations: Light (Helios Tube), Kit (Helios Tube Kit)
  • Additional Features: Seamless Runtime, Effects, Talkback+, Anti-Theft, Emergency Light
  • Awards and Accessories: SnapGrid, SnapBag for 1 Helios Tube, SnapBag for 3 Helios Tubes